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The Road Through Paris

Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center, 4750 Troost, Kansas City, Missouri

Join us to learn:
-- Why are the December negotiations in Paris so critical?
-- What can each of us do that is meaningful?
-- How serious is the climate crisis threat to our children's futures? These questions and more will be answered with compelling video, word and music.

Winston will be doing a keynote presentation on the climate crisis and performing solo.  The dynamic duo Soular will also be performing.  

Supporting Organizations include The Sierra Club, The Heartland Renewable Energy Society, Populists in Action, 350KC, Sustainable Sanctuary, True Blue Women, and Greenability Magazine


KC 4 Bernie Biggest Debate Watch Party

Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, Kansas City, MO

Winston will be speaking and performing as part of the pre-debate portion of the evening.  The Jerusalem Cafe Food Truck, voted best food truck 2013, 2014, 2015 by the Pitch Weekly, will be there.  Bernie swag giveaways, including tickets to a dinner in Des Moines, Iowa where Bernie will be speaking.

Other speakers include Lauren Gepford, Executive Director of the Jackson County Democrats and a representative of Stand Up KC.

$5 donation to cover cost of venue


March to get ALEC Out of Kansas Legislature

South Park, 1311 Massachusetts, Lawrence, Kansas

Winston will be leading the march while singing and playing guitar.  For this show he has decided that he will be performing as (wait for it) - The Woody Guthrie Memorial One-Man Marching Band.

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Congress is filled with cowards who 
Haven’t voted to declare a war since World War Two
We’ve been in a lot of scrapes since then
But time and time again they pass the buck to the president
They run a resolution through authorizing him to do 
Whatever the hell it is he thinks we need to do
Which conveniently enough seems to be exactly what 
The five-star CEOs are telling him to do
And the death count mounts climbing higher and higher

Corporate bag men and their D. C. flunkies 
Are playing “Let’s Make A Deal” using the taxpayer’s money
They wrap themselves up in the flag to shield their deals from prying eyes
It’s a patriotic gesture, which also serves to hide 
All the money in their pockets and the blood on their hands
And it obscures the view of those who seek to understand 
How we got ourselves into this mess we’re in
And exactly how we might go about getting out again

How much more money do you need?
How many more lives will you sacrifice on your alters to wealth and greed
How much more money do you need?

To patriotic profiteers too much is not enough
So the Pentagon prods Congress to build ever bigger troughs
And to keep shoveling the money, so the blood and the profits flow
When we vanquish an enemy, they find a bigger, better foe
Ike cried “Wolf!” when the wolf was at the door
Now the wolf is in the House and on the Senate floor
And the “War on Terror” is a never-ending war
How much longer will we let this go on?

Consumed by greed, maybe you can’t help yourself
But if you want to start a war, don’t send somebody else
Go and do your own fighting, put your own life on the line
Or send your own sons and daughters to do your dirty work next time
Maybe your money won’t seem so precious when it’s you and your’s dying

If I could bring back all the soldiers who fought bravely and died
Never knowing the truth about why they gave up their lives
And let the fat cats and fanatics take their places in the grave
It wouldn’t be a difficult decision to make
A few thousand warmongers lying dead in the ground
Would make this world of ours a better place

© Gary Winston Apple, 2008. 
Used by permission. All rights reserved.