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The Road Through Paris

Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center, 4750 Troost, Kansas City, Missouri

Join us to learn:
-- Why are the December negotiations in Paris so critical?
-- What can each of us do that is meaningful?
-- How serious is the climate crisis threat to our children's futures? These questions and more will be answered with compelling video, word and music.

Winston will be doing a keynote presentation on the climate crisis and performing solo.  The dynamic duo Soular will also be performing.  

Supporting Organizations include The Sierra Club, The Heartland Renewable Energy Society, Populists in Action, 350KC, Sustainable Sanctuary, True Blue Women, and Greenability Magazine


KC 4 Bernie Biggest Debate Watch Party

Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, Kansas City, MO

Winston will be speaking and performing as part of the pre-debate portion of the evening.  The Jerusalem Cafe Food Truck, voted best food truck 2013, 2014, 2015 by the Pitch Weekly, will be there.  Bernie swag giveaways, including tickets to a dinner in Des Moines, Iowa where Bernie will be speaking.

Other speakers include Lauren Gepford, Executive Director of the Jackson County Democrats and a representative of Stand Up KC.

$5 donation to cover cost of venue


March to get ALEC Out of Kansas Legislature

South Park, 1311 Massachusetts, Lawrence, Kansas

Winston will be leading the march while singing and playing guitar.  For this show he has decided that he will be performing as (wait for it) - The Woody Guthrie Memorial One-Man Marching Band.

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THE SHOCK DOCTORS  (Written by Winston Apple)

The Shock Doctors are always on call
Waiting in the wings, with ready-made plans
When disaster strikes, opportunity comes knocking
They are quick to lend a hand
Earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, or coup d'état
It doesn't matter what ails you
The prescription offered by The Shock Doctors is always the same
Downsize the government, privatize its functions
Turn greedy corporate pirates loose to pillage and plunder
Bust up the unions, drive the peasants off of their land
Hey, I didn't say it was a "helping" hand, oh no

The Shock Doctors are Masters of Disaster
They know they've got to strike while the iron is hot
They know they've gotta act fast while their intended victims are still in a state of shock

If they think you're gonna get in their way
They're gonna send someone to come and take you away
They're gonna break you down and try to remake you
You're gonna wind up naked, shocked, and abused
They're gonna do whatever it takes to get their way
There is a madness to their methods and the mind games they play
(Enhanced interrogation techniques are described in detail
in the Kubark Manual - distributed by the CIA - available upon request)

The Shock Doctors think the law of the jungle should be the law of the land
The poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer
It's all a part of their master plan
Millions may be homeless and millions unemployed
The Shock Doctors truly believe this is the way it's supposed to be
But we know better, we know that this ain't the way it's supposed to be

For many a long year now, this merry little band
Of sociopathic misanthropes has roamed from land to land 
Now the vultures have come home to roost right here in the USA
They're trying to undo the New Deal and the Great Society 
Against the wishes and interests of the vast majority 
They've clearly got no use for genuine democracy, but it's our only hope
We've got wake up, wise up
Come together and vote to stop the heartless plans of the Shock Doctors

The Shock Doctors are lurking about, coiled like a snake, ready to strike
They've got lawyers, guns, and money on their side
But we've got them outnumbered and we're not giving up the fight
We will come together to fight for what's right
We're gonna make a stand, we're gonna foil the plans of The Shock Doctors 

© 2011 Gary Winston Apple 
Used by permission. All rights reserved.