About Winston Apple and this website:

Winston is a teacher, a writer, a political activist, a singer-songwriter, and a recording artist.  This website provides unlimited free access to his collected works.   You can read the full text of Edutopia, stream Winston's music, watch music videos and political/educational videos to your heart's content - all free of charge.   

Copies of Edutopia, song downloads, CDs and vinyl copies of Winston's albums are available for purchase via this website, but unlimited free access to all of those works is also provided.  Apart from the option to purchase Winston's books and music, there are no advertisements of any kind to interrupt your enjoyment of Winston's works.

Winston is a teacher... 

He taught social studies courses (mostly civics and economics) for over 20 years (1985-2005). He has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Although he "retired" from teaching in the public schools in 2005, he continues to teach, describing himself as "a retired civics teacher who has gone rogue". The nature of his work as a teacher now consists of living his own version of the "Three Rs" - reading, reflecting, and responding. Most of his reading involves research directed at civic matters and economics. He responds publicly and in writing.

A writer

Winston is the author of "Edutopia: A Manifesto for the Reform of Public Education".  [The full text of "Edutopia" is posted on this website.] He is currently finishing the first draft of his second book (with the working title "Government by the People: A citizen's guide to making America a true democracy".  [Excerpts are posted on this website.]   Winston has also had numerous opinion pieces and political essays published in various newspapers and magazines.

A political activist

Winston's interest in civic matters shines through in many ways. The ideas he shares in "Edutopia" and "Government by the People" include calls to action that reflect his agreement with Benjamin Franklin that "Well done is better than well said." He has been an active member of numerous political organizations. He was elected to the Democratic National Committee in June of 2016 and to the State Committee of the Missouri Democratic Party in November of that same year. He did not run for re-election to either committee, but continues to be an active member of a growing number of political organizations.

And a singer-songwriter, recording artist and producer (both music and video)

Winston started writing songs as a teenager. He recorded his first album in 1974 and has now recorded (and produced) a total of eighteen albums, of mostly original music. He has produced music videos for some of his songs. He took a lengthy hiatus from music during the first part of his career teaching in the public schools. He has been dividing time between music and politics since 2014. But writing and recording music continues to be a vital part of his life's work.