A Peacekeeping Force for Ukraine

Winston Apple - March 12, 2022

There are a good many people who dedicate a significant portion of their lives to trying to make the world a better place. Most of us have to settle for making a little bit of a positive difference now and then. It is generally quite difficult to break through the background noise and chaos to make a positive impact on a grand scale in this world of nearly eight billion people. It is disheartening, discouraging, and distressing to witness how much of a negative impact one deranged megalomaniac can have. If Vladimir Putin did not want this war – the massive destruction and loss of life unfolding in Ukraine would not be happening. 

But Putin does have accomplices. Some of his accomplices are motivated by fear of what Putin might have done to them if they oppose the war (or even call it a “war”. Some of his accomplices are likely in complete agreement with what he is doing. 

If United Nations Peacekeeping Forces were actually capable of keeping the peace, they could be sent into Ukraine to end the fighting. But, even if they were capable of keeping the peace, as long as the war criminal who has unleashed the dogs of war has the power to veto any action by the United Nations, the U.N. will be unable to act. 

That doesn’t mean a peacekeeping force cannot be established in Ukraine, it simply means it will need to be organized outside of the United Nations. It should probably also be organized outside of NATO and without the United States playing a significant role. 

A broad coalition of well-trained and well-armed soldiers from as many countries as possible, wearing uniforms or insignias of some sort that clearly identify them as peacekeepers, and not belligerents, should be organized from within Ukraine. After first serving notice to Russian soldiers, and any volunteers fighting with them, that if they do not leave Ukraine voluntarily and immediately, they will be captured, if possible, and killed, if necessary.

Copyright 2022 Gary Winston Apple