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(Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

Jack the Ripper was not misunderstood
Or a victim of society
He was consumed by darkness
Hatred swelling in him like a raging sea
He was a man on a mission
Trying to do his part to keep the streets of London clean
He did not play well with others
And he could not let them be
While some might mistake him for a ladies man
He didn’t like them hanging around
Given the slightest opportunity
He quite violently took them out
And his kind are still among us
They see themselves as duty-bound
But we can’t let them drag us down

The Trial of the Century is history now
I heard all about it on the network news
Mona Lisa’s been exonerated
She’s got nothing left to prove
The prosecutor was sure she was guilty
Said he could tell by the way she smiles
Though as far as I know, she hasn’t done a thing
At least not for quite a while
Still, the prosecutor wanted her so bad
He tried to frame her with a web of lies
But all the usual tourists came to her defense
They were willing to testify
In a courtroom full of cameras
They waited patiently in line
Then one by one they took the stand
To corroborate her alibi
At the time the crime was committed
She was in the Louvre just hanging around
They would not let him drag her down

Moses claims that it appeared to him
That you have lost your mind
He ran into you last year in New York City
He’s lost his place in space and time
There are Golden Calves on nearly every corner
There are false idols on TV
There are people putting on Passion Plays
And claiming it’s reality
There are no seas to part
There are no Chosen People to be led
There are a few billion people leading pointless lives,
They might well be better off dead
But please don’t tell Jack the Ripper
He’d be much too eager to help them along
He still doesn’t seem to understand
That what he did is wrong
And you may have your own opinion
About what you put me through
But in my own opinion
Moses is not wrong about you
You’ve left a steady string of broken hearts behind you
Everywhere you go
And you don’t even seem to realize
That the first one was your own
And I don’t intend to take my place in line
I won’t wear your thorny crown
I will not let you crucify me
And I won’t let you drag me down

You can beg and plead all you want to
You can give me the third degree
You can hit me with your best come hither look
You can throw the book at me
But first you’ll have to find me
I go into hiding when you come around
‘Cause I won’t let you drag me down
No, I won’t let you drag me down

Copyright 2013 Gary Winston Apple