From the recording Allow Me to Demonstrate

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(Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

There’s something you should know about the Chosen People
The Chosen People are the human race
And the Promised Land is Mother Earth
Our little blue spaceship
We hitchhike across the galaxy as she spins her way through space
Look out - here we come

We can make a Heaven right down here on Earth
All we’ve gotta do is treat each other right
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
And this world we’re living in becomes a Paradise

We’re knocking at the gates of Paradise
We know they hear us knocking, hey, but they still won’t let us in
We’ve got our tickets, bought and paid for with the sweat of our brows
We’re getting tired of knocking and being ignored
Now we’re knocking down the walls and breaking down the doors that separate us

Liberation Day is close at hand
We’re gonna join hands and walk together down country roads and city streets
We’re gonna talk to strangers and keep on talking ‘til they ain’t strangers anymore
We’re gonna smile and greet everyone we meet
We’re gonna realize just how sweet this life can be
When we choose to walk together hand in hand
And take good care of the Promised Land

Copyright 2015 Gary Winston Apple