From the recording The Ones with Horns

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Corporations Are Not People
(Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

Corporations are not people
That may seem obvious to you and me
But five misguided, dark-robed, high court judges have declared them to be

Corporations are not people
They have no heart, they have no soul
But they have enough politicians in their deep, dark pockets to keep them in control

Corporations are not people
They cannot sing, they do not dance
But they will drown out the voices of Reason and Justice given half a chance

Greed is the enemy helping corporations hold sway
Over politicians who gather at the Crossroads nearly every day
Eager to sell their votes and souls to those who will pay them to play
While hopelessness and apathy help to keep the voters at bay

Corporations are not people
They do not laugh, they do not cry
But they divide us up into warring factions and dominate our lives

Corporations are not people
They are cold, hard, money machines
And when their money talks it downs out the voices of people like you and me
They are heartless, soul-less, Godless creations holding sway over human beings
And five misguided, dark-robed high court judges have loosed them on you and me

© 2014 Gary Winston Apple