From the recording Amusing Ourselves to Death

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(Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

There are whole lotta of people spending most of their time
Chasing after money and all of the things that money can buy
They want more money, more money, more money, more
The craving never ends
And as fast as they get their hands on some, their money is spent

There are whole lotta of people can’t seem to make it through a single day
Without altering their consciousness in some artificial way
Yeah, they’re smoking marijuana, doing lines of cocaine
They’ve got nicotine and alcohol running through their brains
Or a legal prescription for their pill of choice
Turn up the TV – get lost in the noise

Take a break from the party and spend a little quiet time with yourself
Take a break from your frantic efforts to find success and happiness
You’ll never find true happiness until you find your self
You don’t even know who you are
You really need to find your self

There are whole lotta of people walking around with broken hearts
They keep falling in and out of love until they finally fall apart
How can you give true love to anyone else,
When you don’t even truly love yourself?
You are desperately in need of some introspection and reflection

Who would you be, if you were the person you were meant to be?
Who would you be if you were free to be whoever you want to be?
That kind of freedom is yours if you want it
But it doesn’t come easy to the easily daunted
You’ve got to be willing to turn your back on love when it comes with strings attached
There aren’t a whole lotta people who are strong enough to do that

© 2011 Gary Winston Apple
Used by permission. All rights reserved.