1. Rise Up United

From the recording The Ones with Horns

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Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

The clock is ticking, disaster looms
Black widow bridges are feasting on their grooms
Don’t sound the alarm, hey, don’t rock the boat
Don’t let this party end a minute too soon

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief
Gonna pay the price, gonna feel the heat
But if enough of us rise up united
We can turn it down a few degrees

Snake-eyed charmers with a vicious streak
Work their seductive charms on the willing and the weak
Sultry sirens sing a soothing tune as they lead us all astray
Carney barkers, wolves dressed as sheep
Whisper softly through the mist
Doncha follow them down the Primrose Path
To Death’s dark and silent kiss

Momma don’t care what we think
Momma don’t care if we go extinct
But if enough of us rise up united
We can pull back from the brink

Back Jack’s got a one-track mind
Pimping the midnight black remains
Of creatures who once roamed the earth
Before the last time everything changed

Nobody said this was gonna be easy
But it doesn’t have to be this hard
If enough of us rise up united they can’t keep us apart

Carbon cowboys ride the range out on the Fossil Fuel Frontier
They know full well this answer’s blowing in the wind
But they pretend not to hear

© 2014 Gary Winston Apple