From the recording The Ones with Horns

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Artificial People 2.0
(Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

Artificial people tend to defend the status quo
They have got most of the money
And they are not eager to let it go
For most artificial people, it’s all about the bottom line
Share their greed, you’ll lose your soul, and go deaf, dumb and blind

And only Love can save us
And though Love can be hard to find
It may not be too late for us to learn to let our love lights shine

Artificial people are laying waste to Paradise
And far too many ordinary people are living artificial lives
Once you’ve been blinded by lust and greed
You cannot see the price you pay
Or that the path that you have taken leads to a shallow, early grave

Once the Gold Rush came to Paradise, it was just a matter of time
Until Paradise was overrun by Barbarians in suits and ties
Now Barbarians are at the gates
But this time they’re working from inside
Paradise has been laid to waste and we are all about to die

©2017 Gary Winston Apple