From the recording We Are Glory Bound

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(Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

To hear the sound of one hand clapping
You’ve got to learn to listen selflessly
To feel the full power of the Love that flows between us
We’ve got to let each other be who we are
We’ve got to meet each other with Love in our hearts

We all need the milk of human kindness
These days it seems we’re running a little low
So many here among us are felling fearful and frustrated
Anger tearing them apart
Making it hard to feel the Love in our hearts

We’re all taking to the streets, but we ain’t marching
We’re just going for a walk with all our friends
A new day is dawning - peace, love and understanding
The status quo is coming to an end
There’s a new age dawning welcome it in

Don’t bother reaching for your guns
We don’t mean you any harm
It seems quite obvious the thought of change makes you nervous
But there really is no reason to be alarmed
We come in peace with Love in our hearts
We come in peace with Love in our hearts

Copyright 2015 Gary Winston Apple