From the recording Amusing Ourselves to Death

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(Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

Frannie at fourteen had been used and abused
By an uncle and her brother and a couple of her brother’s friends
So, Frannie at fourteen ran away
She headed west, hitchhiked to L. A.
With some vague notion of becoming a movie star

Frannie at eighteen was hard to resist
She could bring a man to attention with a single kiss
And Frannie loved men like wolves love sheep
She had a pretty keen eye for the ones who would be fun to fleece

She had sugar daddies to powder her nose
To talk her out of or buy her clothes
She was a “yes” girl and a party girl
Doing the best she could to make it in this world

Frannie at thirty knew that she was living a wasted life
She had a long hard row yet to hoe
She was beginning to pay the price
The choices she’d made brought her a lot of pain
And she chose to deal with the pain in some very destructive ways

Frannie love living the fast life
She always figured that she would die young
But none of us can know for sure when our time will come

Frannie at fifty was a pretty sad sight
Looking back wistfully on the wreckage of a wasted life
Still carrying on like a party girl
Trapped in a body grown weary of living in this world
Surrounded by strangers she thought of as her friends
But none of them were with her for long
None of them were with her in the end

Late last night Frannie drifted off into the Light
And she finally found the bliss that had escaped her in this life
Bathed in the warmth of Forgiveness, Grace, and Love
Frannie’s cold and broken heart finally surrendered to Love

© 2011 Gary Winston Apple
Used by permission. All rights reserved.