From the recording Amusing Ourselves to Death

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(Lyrics and music by Winston Apple)

There is an uncivil, unjust, covert, class war being waged upon us
From sea to shining sea
Some of the wealthiest among us
Not content with what they’ve got
Want more and more from you and from me

They want to bust up the unions, the middle class, and the working class
And drive us all into abject poverty
Their greed is insatiable
They won’t rest ‘til we’re all down and out
They are greedy, corporate bastards
Money is all they care about

They’ve bought up the mainstream media
And packaged all their lies
Quite cleverly to simulate a genuine debate
Bread and circuses for the masses
To keep them mesmerized
They infuse the sounds and images with fury, fear, and hate

The viewer/voters/spectators memorize their favorite lines
And make a blood sport out of rooting for their favorite side
But there are lives being wasted
And lives being lost
Lives hanging in the balance as they calculate the costs
With a singular eye fixed on the bottom line
As long as gullible people go on swallowing their lies
It will be full speed ahead for the evil designs of these greedy corporate bastards

I can hear George Orwell chuckling in his grave
To hear them calling themselves “Citizens United”
But I must admit it has a better ring than “Greedy Corporate Bastards –
Doing everything they can to keep the citizens divided”

And now their friends on the High Court have opened up the floodgates
Unleashing a tsunami of corporate cash
To help them sell their vision to the “citizens” who watch TV
And love to watch as politicians kick each other’s ass

And it doesn’t really matter to the greedy corporate bastards
Whether it’s Democrats or Republicans who win
They hedge their bets and in the end all that really matters
Is that the victors know that they are deeply indebted to the greedy corporate bastards

They’ve got our backs against the wall and they ain’t negotiating
They are offering no quarter
We’ve no choice but to fight
It’s getting late and I’m getting sick and tired of waiting
For them to come to their sense and do what is right
I’m not giving up or giving in to them without a fight

I’ve got a few honest questions for the greedy corporate bastards
How much more money do you need?
Are you blind to all the suffering, the torture, death, and misery
Resulting from your dastardly deeds and greed?
How much more money do you need?

© 2011 Gary Winston Apple
Used by permission. All rights reserved.